Useless Courses in Kenya Universities 2022 Today (List)

We have to acknowledge that universities in Kenya offer a wide range of the most marketable courses. However, not all the study courses in Kenya are highly demanding and marketable especially when it comes to employment. This is because we have the unmarketable or the least marketable courses in Kenya. Today, we shall list the most useless diploma and degree courses in Kenya universities in 2022.

In our previous article, we listed the most crowded courses in Kenya. Similarly, we also had a comprehensive article on the hardest courses to study in Kenya universities. So, what are the courses that are perceived as useless in Kenya universities?

What are the useless courses?

Useless courses are the study programs that rarely facilitate a job for an individual upon completion of his/her studies in a university or institute.

Useless courses in Kenya today

First, doing detailed research on the best courses to study in Kenya before enrollment is very important. This is because you may end up pursuing a course for many years just to end up jobless. Whether you were in a university or institute, it persuasively means that you studied a useless course in Kenya.

Most noteworthy, we also researched the occupation or career statistics while developing the list beneath.

Useless Courses in Kenya Universities 2022

  1. Hospitality. Firstly, hospitality programs are the most useless courses in Kenya universities in 2022 today. This is because they are unmarketable in Kenya. In contrast, most individuals who secure jobs in this discipline prevail to be connected by godfathers.
  2. Art courses. These include music, drama, and other art programs offered in Kenya universities. Such courses only require some ability to combine scopes as well as creativity. Hence, only a limited fraction of people can fail this easy examination. Furthermore, most of the top actors, actresses, and comedians in Kenya are not holders of such credentials.
  3. Criminal Justice.
  4. Political Science.
  5. Chemical Engineering.
  6. Psychology and Counseling.
  7. Theology and Biblical studies.
  8. Tourism and Catering.
  9. Sports Science. And finally,
  10. Bachelor of Science in Soil Science.
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Lastly, here is a list of the most marketable courses in Kenya from 2022 to 2025.


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