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Steogict, Ugwire Media Networks owner

Ugwire Media Networks, UMN Profile Wikipedia
Ugwire Media Networks is an excellent Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania media platform that’s stretching its awareness across the continent as well as the globe. First, UMN was founded by Stephen Onserio alias Steogict in the year 2018. Steogict is a Kenyan ICT Associate who’s a Mage in the line of internet prioritization, usage, as well as SEO Optimization techniques for day-to-day digital marketing and advertising strategies.

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Secondly, Ugwire Media Networks is a platform for news that entails education, business, and technology, e-commerce, as well as personalities in the limelight across the world today.

Currently, we have over 2.5 million website visitors every month which is a big achievement as far as our line of duty is concerned. Thanks to Alexa global rankings for the recognition of our efforts to reach thousands of millions of people across the world.

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We pride ourselves on our simplified approach of delivering news that’s digital, easy to read, and understand. This has enabled our websites visitors to learn more about current academic affairs, e-commerce trends, business and technology news, and so on.

As result, we encourage you to read more about the listed topics above on our website. Similarly, you can also bookmark or add the homepage of our website to your speed dials for easy access to our frequent news alerts.

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For more about the profile, check out the About Us page of Ugwire Media Networks, (UMN).

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