Best Medical Laboratory Schools in Uganda 2023 LIST

Latest list of the best Medical Laboratory Schools in Uganda 2023. Are you thinking of pursuing a medical laboratory course in the best professional training schools in Uganda in 2023? If that is the case, then you are definitely in the right place. First of all, let us understand what the term a medical laboratory means. A medical or clinical laboratory is a laboratory where clinical pathology tests are carried out on clinical specimens. Rather, this aids in obtaining patients’ information in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.

Again, we have Clinical Medical laboratories as well as research laboratories which are mostly found in academic institutions. Most importantly, in Uganda, the Allied Health Professionals Council governs all medical institutions. Certainly, this is achieved through the regulation and supervision of the training by the Uganda Allied Health Professionals.

In summary, below is a list of the best medical laboratory schools in Uganda for the year 2023.

Best Medical Laboratory Schools in Uganda 2023 List

  1. Makerere University. It’s the best institution to study Medical Laboratory course in Uganda in 2023.
  2. Mbarara University of Science and Technology.
  3. Kampala International University.
  4. Uganda Institute of Allied Health and Management Sciences – Mulago.
  5. Chemiquip Medical Laboratory Training School-wakiso.
  6. Chemiquip Medical Laboratory Training School-Ishaka.
  7. Gulu School of Clinical Officers.
  8. Jinja Medical Laboratory Training School, Jinja.
  9. Ishaka Adventist Medical Laboratory Training School.
  10. Kampala Institute of Health Professionals. Also,
  11. Kampala Paramedix School of Medical Laboratory Technology.
  12. Kiwoko Medical Laboratory Assistants.
  13. Medicare Health Professionals College.
  14. Mengo Hospital Medical Laboratory Training School.
  15. Lira Medical Laboratory Training School, Lira.
  16. Rubaga School of Medical Laboratory Assistants.
  17. St.Joseph’s Hospital Kitovu Medical Laboratory Training School.
  18. St. Martin Institute of Health Sciences, Munteme.
  19. St.Mary’s Lacor Hospital Medical Laboratory Training School.
  20. Mayanja Memorial Medical Training Institute.
  21. Gulu Institute of Health Health Sciences.
  22. Sir Albert Cook Memorial Medical Laboratory Technology, Tororo.
  23. St. Raphael of St Francis Hospital Nsambya training School.
  24. Mbarara Institute of Health Sciences.
  25. International Health Sciences University (IHSU).
  26. Kagando Medical Laboratory Training School.
  27. St. Francis School of Health Sciences – Mukono.
  28. Masulita Medical Laboratory Training School.
  29. Kibuli School of Medical Laboratory Technology.
  30. Kampala School of Health Sciences.
  31. Arua Medical Laboratory Training School.
  32. St.Denison Health Training School.
  33. Arua Institute of Health Sciences.
  34. MildMay Medical Laboratory Training School.
  35. Elgon International Health Institute.
  36. International Paramedic Institute (IPI) Maya.
  37. Vine Paramedical School.
  38. St Vincent College of Health Sciences.
  39. University of Kisuubi.
  40. St.Joseph Hospital Maracha Laboratory School.
  41. Bugembe Institute of Health.
  42. India Institute of Health and Allied Sciences.
  43. St.Joseph Hospital Maracha Laboratory School.
  44. Mulago Paramedical School, Kampala. And finally,
  45. Kampala Paramedic School of Medical Laboratory Technology. And finally,
  46. St Elizabeth Institute of Health Professionals

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