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Best Management Colleges in Kenya (Hotel Hospitality Business)

Best management colleges in Kenya 2020 to study hotel hospitality business courses

Best business management colleges in Kenya

Without the right proficiency of business, it can be a very tough undertaking especially on a competitive niche today. This is because we have numerous entrepreneurs in the market that are well established, and knowledgeable in the same. Again, without proper research and cognition, you may end up being disappointed despite having studied a number of the business courses. Today, we shall enlighten you of the top 10 best business management colleges to study hotel and hospitality courses in Kenya.

First, we hope that you read our previous article on the best and most marketable business courses in Kenya today. Similarly, we also had an article about the best business universities in Kenya in 2020. As such, it would be easier for you to understand our list of the best management colleges in Kenya today.

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Business Schools in Nairobi

There are many business schools in Nairobi that offer the best business courses in management, hotel, and hospitality. Kenya Institute of Management is the best management school in Nairobi for over 10 years now followed by Utalii college. Other business schools in Nairobi that perform well include Kenya Institute of Project Management, NIBS, and Oshawal college.

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In summary, below is a list of the best management colleges in Kenya today. Certainly, most of these colleges offer the best business management courses in hotel and hospitality courses in Kenya.

Best Management Colleges in Kenya

  1. Nairobi Institute of Business Studies.
  2. Kenya Institute of Management.
  3. Strathmore Business school.
  4. Riccatti Business college.
  5. Nairobi Institute of Technology.
  6. Kenya Education Management Institute.
  7. Kenya Utalii college.
  8. International Hotel and Tourism Institute (IHTI).
  9. Kenya Institute of project management.
  10. Kenya school of credit management. Also,
  11. East African school of management.
  12. Kenya Institute of Finance & Applied management.
  13. Kenya Institute of Business & Counseling studies (KIBCO).
  14. College of Human Resource management.
  15. Mombasa aviation training institute.
  16. Railway Training Institute Nairobi.
  17. Oshawal college.
  18. Institute of Advanced Technology.
  19. Westford International college.
  20. Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Technology.
  21. Royal Business school.
  22. Bridge world college.
  23. Boma International Hospitality college.
  24. Summit institute of professional.
  25. Elite commercial college. And finally,
  26. Intel college.
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We shall keep you posted on the best business management colleges to study hotel and hospitality in Kenya.