Lulu Hassan Exposed By Husband Rashid Abdallah

Lulu Hassan Exposed By Husband Rashid Abdallah. The instance of the exposure comes after a Kakamega woman gave birth to quintuplets. Citizen TV Presenter Rashid mentioned, “Should God bless you with five children at once, Lulu, kindly take care of them.”

In contrast, Evelyn Namukhula would be cursed or her kinsmen since she frowned breastfeeding three of her children. However, Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital recommended that she breastfeeds two babies as three others are placed on formula milk.

Ms Namukhula insinuated that Abanyala traditions don’t allow her to look after all the five children. The tradition depicts deaths, financial difficulties, poor crop harvests, among others. Abanyala culture, therefore, demands that three of the five children should be killed.

Rashid Abdallah had this to comment: “taking care of all the five children born at once is better instead of killing them. Should God bless you with five children, Lulu, kindly take care of them, Rashid Abdallah husband to Lulu exposed this by saying openly in the studio. Probably, Lulu Hassan seemed happy or unhappy by this comment even though not every woman could withstand these.

Lulu Hassan Exposed By Husband Rashid Abdallah

Furthermore, Lulu and rashid rarely talk in studio probably not because of job prospects but an internal combustion effect. Is it because of the program schedule set up of #semanacitizen biggest live news show in east and central Africa? We are yet to establish whether something is roasting behind the scenes through one of their unknown workmates.

Above all, it’s not the first time that Citizen TV Presenter has been involved in scandals. This is because Lulu Hassan withheld the scriptwriter’s salary. As a result, the scriptwriter contacted the “Buyer Beware” social media page that used to expose Kenyan based scammers. The writer made this move in order to expose the Swahili Citizen Presenter for reneging on an agreement they had.

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdallah are parents to three children.

Lulu Hassan Exposed By Husband Rashid Abdallah
Lulu Hassan Exposed By Husband Rashid Abdallah

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