Toi Market on fire as Traders Jobless in Nairobi

Toi Market in Nairobi on fire Inferno renders traders jobless in one of the biggest markets in Kenya. A morning fire on Tuesday annihilated a huge section of Toi Market in Kibera/ Kibra, hence rendering numerous traders jobless.

Undoubtedly, such fire infernos that occur between 3 am by 6 am diminish the bustling business sectors to ashes. As a result, almost all the traders in the market lost properties worth millions of shillings.

Over the years, most of the best and biggest retail open marketplaces in Kenya have been burning up overnights. It’s still unclear what circumstances that cause such kind of fire infernos. Such occurrences have for the past years rendered very enthusiastic traders jobless in their main hustle baskets.

So, below are some of the photos during the Toi market flame inferno in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Toi Market on fire in Nairobi, Kenya
Huge fire destroys section of Toi market – PHOTOS

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