Kirinyaga University Student Robbed and Stabbed To Death

According to the latest reports, a second-year university student kicked the bucket unexpectedly following an attack by thugs. The Kirinyaga University Student was robbed and stabbed to death by unknown gangsters a few meters away from the campus. In contrast, he was in the company of two other comrades heading to their hostel from the university. The incident happened at around 9 pm the night. In addition, it’s not the first time that a student has been brutally robbed and murdered near the university premises.

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Rather, the students were attacked by three armed men near Thiba River at Kutus Trading Centre. Hence, one of the students was pronounced dead at Kutus Health Centre where he was taken for a medical emergency. He was robbed his mobile phone, valuables and later on stabbed to death by the gang.

Kirinyaga University Student Robbed Stabbed To Death
Kirinyaga University Student Robbed Stabbed To Death

According to Mwea East OCPD Dorothy Gaitenga, police have launched investigations into the incident. As a result, fellow students held demonstrations late into the night lamenting of insecurity in the area.

We have to say that it’s not the first incident of a student being robbed by unknown criminals in the county of Kirinyaga. Meanwhile, calm has however resumed at the Kirinyaga University learning institution.


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