Football Academies in Kisumu Kenya 2023 Top Best

Top 10 Best Football and Soccer Academies in Kisumu county of Kenya in 2023. Currently, several football academies have been established by enthusiastic entrepreneurs in Kenya. It’s not an easy decision for an entrepreneur to invest in such kind of venture without a strategy and objective.

In our previous article, we covered the best football academies in Kenya for the year 2023. Today, we shall enlighten you on the best football academies in Kisumu County of Kenya in 2023.

First of all, we have to agree that most of the Harambee stars players come from Kisumu county. The main reason is that the majority of Kisumu inhabitants are passionate about athletes. As a result, they end up becoming better soccer players in Kenya and overseas. For example, Origi, Olunga, and many more.

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In addition, top sports journalists in Kenya like Mike Okinyi of citizen TV is also from Kisumu county. Before we go further, it’s good to note that our post is about the football academies in Kisumu county of Kenya. In fact, all the counties in Kenya also produce the best players for national team Harambee Stars and the national clubs.

Top 10 Best Soccer Academies in Kisumu County 2023

Gor Mahia is one of the best football clubs in Kenya with most of its soccer players from Kisumu county. Furthermore, most of the players in Gor Mahia FC were students in the football academies in Kisumu County. For example, Kisumu Youth Soccer Academy, Kisumu central soccer team, and many more. We have to acknowledge the academies in Kisumu for their enthusiasm for nurturing and promoting talented youths in Kenya.

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In summary, below are the top 10 best football and soccer academies in Kisumu County in 2023.

Top Football Academies in Kisumu Kenya

  1. KYFA, Kisumu Youth Football Association.
  2. Kisumu Youth Soccer/football Academy, Kisumu.
  3. Bayern Youth Football Academy & Club, Kisumu.
  4. Kisumu We Football Academy.
  5. The Greens, Atlentico Stars Youth Soccer Academy Kisumu (ASYSA).
  6. Elora football Academy, Kisumu.
  7. Gallant Soccer Academy in Kisumu.
  8. Kisumu Central Soccer Team and Academy
  9. Ebenezer Stars Football Academy, Kisumu.
  10. Kisumu All Starlets Team and Academy. Also,
  11. Kisumu Hot Stars Academy.
  12. Winam soccerstars academy.
  13. Amani football club Kisumu.
  14. Kibuye Football Club and academy, Kisumu.
  15. Atlentico stars Youth Soccer.
  16. Tumaini Sports Academy.
  17. Pro 16 Football Club, Nyalenda A, Kisumu Kenya.
  18. Ndoto Soccer Academy. And finally,
  19. LELA – Korowe Football Club academy in Kisumu.

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