Non-life Insurance Companies in Uganda Limited 2022

Today, we shall discuss the most acknowledged Non-life Insurance Companies that are limited in Uganda in 2022. In one of our previous, we listed the best medical insurance companies in Uganda. However, in this article, we shall list the top 10 best non-life insurance limited companies in Uganda in 2022. But before we go further, let us all understand what non-life means when it comes to insurance topics.

Firstly, Non-Life Insurance is a policy that provides repayment or refund for costs, damages that incur from a particular financial incident or happening. In other words, it is also referred to as general, property, and casualty insurance policy types. To be more precise with what non-life insurance refers to, here are a few examples.

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  • automobile policies,
  • home-owners policies,
  • damage cover from fire,
  • marine accidents,
  • travel, and
  • theft, etc.

However, it’s indeed extremely hard to measure the quantity of these kinds of mishaps. As a result, most insurance firms strive to deliver solutions for such threats. Certainly, this enables them to insure a suitably assessed risk quantum that could have an effect on your investment.

In short, below is the latest list of the top 10 best Non-life Insurance Companies in Uganda today. Have a look beneath;

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Best Non-life Limited Insurance Companies in Uganda 2022

  1. AIG Uganda Limited.
  2. Basani insurance limited.
  3. Alliance Africa General Insurance Limited.
  4. Britam Insurance Uganda Limited.
  5. CIC General Insurance Uganda Limited.
  6. East African Underwriters Limited.
  7. GoldStar Life Assurance Company Limited.
  8. NIC General Insurance Company Limited.
  9. Statewide Insurance Company Limited.
  10. The Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda.
  11. TransAfrica Assurance Limited.
  12. UAP Insurance Uganda Limited.
  13. ICEA General Insurance Company Limited.
  14. Salnam General Insurance Limited, Uganda.
  15. First Insurance Company Limited.
  16. Liberty General Insurance Company Limited.
  17. Excel Insurance Company Limited.
  18. APA Insurance Limited, Uganda.
  19. MUA Uganda.
  20. MayFair Insurance.
  21. Nova Insurance Company Limited.
  22. Rio Insurance Company. And finally,
  23. Pax Insurance Company.
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Lastly, here are the best insurance companies in Uganda for the year 2022.

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