Top 5 Educational Documentaries You Should Watch in College

Top 5 Educational Documentaries You Should Watch in College

Top 5 best educational documentaries for students you should watch in College
Documentaries will save you countless hours that you would have spent on books or interviews. They take time to produce and involve numerous interviews, helping to pack a wealth of facts. In college, documentaries will help you to learn easily because they are engaging. You also watch as though it is entertainment, though you are learning.

Documentaries are accessible online or from conventional television. You can watch a few clips while traveling or relaxing between lessons. Here are excellent educational documentaries you must watch in college.

Top 5 Educational Documentaries You Should Watch in College

Networked Society: The Future of Learning

Technology is a game-changer in every sector. It is redefining how people share ideas, innovate, and interact. An idea generated in Europe will have traveled around the world in minutes compared to the traditional approach where the world waited for books or lectures. Technology will enable you to find a professional exam taker to help with exams. It has also changed how students find reference materials and resources such that they do not have to depend solely on the library.
Networked Society: The Future of Learning is advocating for a change in mentality towards education. The change begins with each individual. Become a part of the transformation by personalizing the learning process. Technology offers a chance for creative learning. It helps teachers and parents to create a holistic learning experience that does not treat technology as an intruder. The documentary is produced by Ericsson, one of the most respected brands in the world.

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Collaboration: On the edge of New Paradigm

The idea behind the documentary came from a project by a Danish Student Alfred Birkegaard. When working on his Ph.D., he experimented with collaboration in learning. The results were amazing, causing him to highlight the potential of collaboration in changing the learning platform around the world.
Alfred traveled to Silicon Valley to interview networking pioneers in technology. The interviews led to the revelation that the future of any business, especially technology, was building partnerships. Each partner is learning a new thing from his end. He must share the experience with others to make the entire technology ecosystem stronger. If the ideas are embraced across industries without fear and mistrust, it will be possible to develop the best learning environment.

Girl Rising

The documentary was directed by Richard E. Robbins. It is available on Netflix. It covers the story of educating the girl on 4 continents and 9 countries. The story features 9 girls, each with an incredibly different story. The girls narrate their journey in an attempt to overcome cultural and societal barriers to getting an education.
The girls are so determined to beat the odds. You will also witness the social transformation that comes with educating the girl. It highlights the challenges that women still face today yet the world assumes that it has achieved equality.

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The digital revolution being witnessed around the world has led to unprecedented opportunities in all fields. People who competed for the few opportunities on television are making a fortune on their own. No talent will remain hidden anymore, thanks to technology.
PressPausePlay is a depiction of the democratization culture. Creativity is no longer restricted to media policy by a few stations. The film interviews content creators who have made it past the traditional barriers to create the most successful careers away from traditional media. And lastly, on the top 5 list of the best educational documentaries that you should watch in college,

Wiring the Amazon

The Amazon is regarded as one of the most remote places on earth. What would it take to bring electricity and internet to the vast forest? What is the resulting transformation? Michael Pertnoy and Michael Kleiman are the brains behind this revelation.

Educational documentaries enrich your understanding of education issues. They are available on free platforms like YouTube. It is a chance to relax while you learn a few things about technology.


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