7 ways on how to become a better and successful writer 2023

7 ways on how to become a better writer 2022

7 easy and simplified ways: how to become a better and more successful writer in 2023.

There are several questions that most of you have been asking us. For example, “What are seven 7 things that you can do to improve your writing skills?”, “What are five ways that you can become a better writer?”, “What are some ways to become a better writer?”, and “How can I improve my writing skills fast?”. Well, before the end of this article, we shall have answered all these topics through our easy-to-read article on the 7 ways on how to become a better and successful writer in 2023.

Become a better and more successful writer

First, there are many ways to be a better and more successful writer. We all have different styles and preferences, but one thing is for certain: if you’re not practicing, you will never improve.
When I first started as a freelance writer (long before my current marketing career) I used to write short stories and novels every day. Even when it took me six hours to complete one thousand words, I’d still end up with something that made me proud. Nowadays, there are so many things that get in the way of our writing time – from the dreaded “I’m too tired” excuses…to having to multi-task between various media outlets…to find ourselves buried in work for clients…and we end up being too busy to do what we love most: writing!

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But the biggest problem I see with many writers is that they don’t have a definitive plan to follow.
I was talking with my good friend, Colin Morgan, about this very topic recently. He teaches creative writing at Ohio University and is also a published author of three novels; here’s what he shared with me:
“A lot goes into being a writer/author – beyond inspiration or an initial idea, most realize they need to create working habits because there is no quick route to achieving success. Writing is hard work period! Whether you’re creating fiction or non-fiction, you must have the discipline and patience to remain committed to your goals.”
This is true for marketing professionals as well as those of us who consider ourselves content or essay writers. I know, because for years I worked my marketing career from early morning until evening – but never wrote anything!

It wasn’t until I started following a plan that it all changed.
And when you take this habit-building process one step further by enlisting yourself in an accountability group or class, even better things will happen.
That’s why today I’m going to share seven/7 ways you can be a better writer – even if you’re busy! 🙂

7 ways how to become a better and successful writer 2023

1) Treat writing like a job.

Find out what works best for your personality type, but commit yourself every single day to writing for a certain amount of time. Doesn’t matter if it’s five minutes or an hour, just get your butt in the chair and DO IT!

2) Get rid of distractions.

Turn off email on your phone and computer – at least while you’re working on your manuscript. Make sure all possible interruptions are handled before you sit down to write so that nothing will derail you from completing whatever is on your agenda. I have a friend who refers to this as going into his “writer’s cave “.

3) Set goals.

A writer without goals is like…well, a car without gas! Determine what type of finish line you want to achieve (publication? payment? several words?) so that you can break down your daily/monthly goals into steps you can achieve. The steps you take will lead to what Colin calls “working habits” – so if you want to be a professional writer, start acting like one!

4) Write every day.

Seriously, don’t miss any days of writing per week. I know that sometimes things happen and we have to shift things around on the calendar, BUT it’s important not to get discouraged because of a day missed here and there.   This is an area where your goal setting can come into play: are you missing daily goals for one reason or another? If so, take the time to analyze why…and then figure out how you can best change up your conditions or routine to make success possible! You may need additional tools or resources (a laptop instead of a desktop computer, for example)…or it might be that you simply need to work into the routine of writing at certain times each day.

5) Be okay with making mistakes and learn from them.

This is where many writers struggle – they get hung up on trying to make everything perfect the first time around. Whether you’re publishing a short story or novel, you’ll always find some things to edit and tweak. But that’s exactly WHY we do it!  Be willing to make your best effort, but also be okay with seeing your words in print so that you can decide what worked well and what didn’t (this will then help us create better content overall!). And if your manuscript doesn’t get selected by an editor or publisher, you can still use it to help develop your writing skills and build up your resume.  

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6) Find a routine that works for YOU.

You don’t need to be an early riser to accomplish great things, but you do have to train yourself to feel uncomfortable every day until it becomes a habit. Your writing practice might include waking up forty-five minutes earlier than normal – even if it means getting up at 4 am! Or perhaps finding time during your lunch break so that you’re not too tired once you get home. If the thought of staying up late makes you cringe, try starting with 30 minutes of writing before bed instead of immediately turning on Netflix or falling asleep before 10 pm!

7) Make sure Writing is SOMETHING that you WANT to do.

Too often we think we’re supposed to write, but it’s not our true passion. And that’s okay! Some of us are simply meant to be teachers or technical writers or novelists – whatever your title might be, make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons.
My final tip for those who want to be a better writer: don’t be afraid of rejection. Achieving success in any aspect of life isn’t always easy – but it’s very possible if we keep working at it!  Think about this quote from Thomas Edison; “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”


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