20 Kiswahili Names For Computer Electronic Devices

Today, we shall educate you on the 20 most challenging Kiswahili names for computer electronic devices everyone wished they knew. First of all, Kiswahili or Swahili is the national language in Kenya as well as in Tanzania. Hence, being acquainted with some of the ICT or computer devices names in Swahili is worthwhile to anyone. In this article, we shall list 20 Kiswahili Names For Computer Electronic Devices.

First of all, most of these terms are usually tested in primary, secondary, or even in college exams. It’s for that reason that we thought to educate you on this list. On the other hand, I was recently challenged by a friend to name a “computer virus” in Kiswahili. Despite being one of the computer guru’s within the city, I was unable to answer since I didn’t know. As a result, I lost an opportunity for dinner with his pals at the 5 star Hilton Garden Inn.

Recently, I watched Citizen TV news anchor Swaleh Mdoe reporting about the use of toothpicks on Kambarau. I was curious to know what is ‘Kambarau’ until when reporter Evans Asiba reported news while in a lift. In short, below is a list of the Swahili words for computer electronic devices everyone wished they knew sooner.

20 Kiswahili Names For Computer Electronic Devices

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Laptop – kipakatalishi.
Simcard – kadiwia.
Scratch card – kadihela.
Password – nywila.
Keyboard – kicharazio.
Mouse – kiteuzi.
Lift – kambarau, kipandishi.
Computer virus – mtaliga.
ATM – kiotomotela.
Photocopier – kinukuzi.
Flash disk – diski mweko.
Floppy disk – diski tepetevu.
Scanner – mdaki.
Memory card – kadi sakima.
Air conditioner – kiyoyozi.
Calculator – kikokotoo.
Scanner – mdaki.
Microwave – tanuri ya miale.
Duplicating machine – kirudufu. And finally,
Computer – tarakilishi.

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