Ykee Benda Song Byonkola Gwe Lyrics, Download

Byonkola Gwe lyrics, download - Ykee Benda
Ugandan Musician Ykee Benda.

Ykee Benda Song Byonkola Gwe Lyrics:

Ykee Benda is one of the most talented male Ugandan musicians or on stage artists who have gained so much fame within a short lapse of time. And besides all, Ykee Benda is just 25 years of age, that makes him outstanding in the entertainment industry. Below are the lyrics to his song Byonkola Gwe.

Ykee Benda Song Byonkola Gwe Lyrics

Hhhmm hhhmm
Byonkola gwe…….
Hhhmm hhhmm
Byonkola gweeee eehh
Hhhmm hhhmm
Eh yooo Mimo
Eh! You know the boy is so tender
Hhhmm hhmm
Byonkola gwe
Hhhmm hhmm
Byonkola gwee eeh
Hhhmm hhhm
I don’t like it I don’t like it
Ogamba oyagala a decent man
Me I come with a decent plan
Buli kilemesa muliro me a burn
To the moon to the sun sikoola U-turn
Gwe musomesa me girl a learn
You be the sim card girl in my phone
Buli chegamba girl you scan
Me nuh can leave alone dem babylon
Gwe gwenali manyi awoma nga ka sukali
Misana kilo nkulaba ne mutayi
Deep in my heart girl, me I die. Me I die……. baby


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