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Top Chinese Companies in Uganda 2020 New LIST

In East and Central Africa, Uganda is one of the countries with sufficient and reliable natural resources. These include regular rainfall, fertile soil, minerals like copper, natural gas, crude oil and many more. With the 2020 new list of top Chinese companies in Uganda, the agricultural and industrialization GDP growth has tremendously increased. For example, there have been numerous employment opportunities in Chinese companies, hence executing development nationwide. For example;

  • Chinese Manufacturing Companies In Uganda,
  • Chinese Road Construction Companies In Uganda,
  • China State Construction Engineering Corporation Limited Uganda, and,
  • China Communications Construction Company Ltd, CCCC Uganda.

Nevertheless, Chinese construction companies operating in Uganda have earned a lot of money than any other foreign national investors in Uganda. Moreover, their projects are expected to continue since Uganda is still a developing nation. On the other hand, China has been giving loans to Telecommunication companies, energy, and carrier sectors that require construction. Rather, the Chinese require that their companies be assigned the tenders after funding for the projects.

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How many Chinese are there in Uganda?

Through our research, a number of people also asked about the number of Chinese that are living in Uganda. The number of Chinese that are in Uganda is currently approximated to be 21,048. Hence, through the support of China for Uganda republic, the GDP in the country is 95.434 million international dollars, ranking 87th globally.

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According to Basil Ajer, acting Executive Director of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA), Uganda anticipates spurring supplementary dividends from China.
They mentioned areas of interest include agricultural value addition, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and tourism. As UIA, we mobilize counterparts in those sectors so we expect more inflow of foreign direct investment and more cooperation between Ugandans and their Chinese counterparts,” said Mr. Ajer. 
In summary, below is a list of the Top and Best Chinese companies operating in Uganda 2019 2020. Have a look at the comprehensive top list below from our analytical research for the rankings;

Top Chinese Companies operating in Uganda 2020 New LIST

Top Chinese Companies operating in Uganda 2020

  1. Pearl Engineering company Ltd Kampala. It’s the top Chinese road construction company in Uganda today.
  2. China north machine company limited Kampala (farm equipment suppliers).
  3. Excite Construction Limited (Construction company).
  4. China International Water and Electrical company Kampala (Engineering Company).
  5. China Nanjing International Limited Kampala.
  6. Mutoni Construction Uganda Limited Kampala (Construction company).
  7. Chinese Business Hotel Kampala. Finally,
  8. Shammah Consultants and Business Solutions Kampala(Accounting, finance and consulting company).
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In summary, we shall keep you posted on the new list of the top Chinese companies in Uganda from 2020 to 2021. Have a look at the top 10 to 100 Best employers in Kenya.

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