Top 10 Best Private Universities in Ghana 2023

Top 10 Best Private Universities in Ghana

This is a guide list of the top 10 best private universities in Ghana in 2023. First of all, we have several cheap private universities in Ghana in 2023 today that most individuals prefer to enroll than public universities. This is because private university schooling in Ghana is cheap and faster than public universities. Again, most of the private universities in Ghana are accredited to offer degree, diploma, and certificate courses. Similarly, private universities in Ghana offering nursing and medical laboratory courses are the best countrywide. Certainly, our list also comprises the accredited private universities in Ghana today.

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What is the best private university in Ghana?

The best private university in Ghana today is the Ghana Technology University College. On the other hand, the number of private universities in Ghana as of 2023 today is 34. In other words, 34 private universities in Ghana are accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana today or in 2023. Valley View University is the first private university in Ghana, that was accredited by the National Accreditation Board.

In summary, we shall name the top 10 and top 34 best and cheap private universities in Ghana in 2023 today. Then, we shall name their locations of establishments in Ghana. Have a look at the latest list of our findings in the current year.

Top 10 Best Private Universities in Ghana 2023

  1. Ghana Technology University College, Tesano.
  2. Ashesi University.
  3. Wisconsin International University College Ghana, West Legon.
  4. Evangelical Presbyterian University College.
  5. Accra Institute Of Technology.
  6. Central University College.
  7. Regent University College of Science and Technology.
  8. All nations University College.
  9. African University College of Communication, Accra. And,
  10. Anglican University College of Technology.

Cheapest Private Universities in Ghana today

  1. Catholic University College of Ghana.
  2. Islamic University College, Accra.
  3. Christ Apostolic University College, Kumasi.
  4. Christian Service University College, Kumasi.
  5. Diamond University College.
  6. Entrance University College.
  7. Valley View University.
  8. Family Health University College, Accra.
  9. Garden City University College, Kumasi.
  10. Ghana Baptist University College, Kumasi.
  11. KAAF University College, Kasoa.
  12. Kings University College, Accra.
  13. Lancaster University, Ghana Campus, Accra.
  14. Methodist University College, Dansoman.
  15. Mountcrest University College, Kanda.
  16. Pentecost University College, Sowutuom.
  17. Spiritan University College, Ejisu.
  18. Perez University College, Pomadze.
  19. Radford University College, East Legon.
  20. Technical University College of Tamale.
  21. University College of Agriculture and Environmental Studies, Bunso.
  22. University College of Management Studies, Kumasi, Accra.
  23. Webster University, East Legon. And finally,
  24. West End University College, Kasoa.
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Finally, you may also check on the best private universities in Uganda, and Tanzania.


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