Victoria University Uganda Short Courses 2022

Victoria University Uganda Short Courses 2022

Victoria University Uganda Short Courses 2022. In one of our most educative and trending articles, we listed the best and most marketable short courses to pursue in Uganda. The majority of internet users responded positively since the article enabled them to identify the best programs to study. Today, we shall cover the short courses offered at Victoria University in Uganda in 2022.

Firstly, Victoria University is one of the most reputable accredited private universities in Uganda that’s located in Kampala. With only 10 years after its establishment, Victoria University has set standards of academic excellence in Uganda. Furthermore, Victoria University in Uganda offers degrees, diplomas, certificates as well as short courses. Some of the courses at Victoria University in 2022 Uganda are academic programs while most of the short courses are certifications.

Although the university is just a decade old, it’s committed to educational capacity building and enriching higher education in Uganda. Certainly, Victoria University has been successful because of its facilities, management as well as academic standards. As a result, Victoria University is presently ranking in the list of the best universities in Uganda in 2022.

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Moreover, it’s in confederation with Kampala International School Uganda, Kampala Parents School and Delhi Public School International. In reality, we have to acknowledge that Victoria University in Uganda is committed to its Vision, Mission and Core values.

Vision: To be a World Class University for Transformational Education.

Mission: To Provide a Dynamic Environment for Learning, Innovation, Research and Community Engagement.

Core Values: Diversity, Integrity, Empathy, Critical thinking, Innovativeness, Discipline, Passion, Respect, Resilience, as well as Teamwork.

In conclusion, we shall list the best and marketable short courses offered at Victoria University in Uganda in 2020. Have a look at the comprehensive and easy to interpret list beneath.

Victoria University Uganda Short Courses 2022

  1. Fast Track Social Media Marketing Victoria University Uganda Short Course.
  2. CCTV Installer Course.
  3. English Language short course.
  4. Project planning and Management.
  5. Remote Business Management.
  6. Building a Consulting Business.
  7. Proposal Writing and Grant Matching for Not-For-Profit Organisations.
  8. Tax Compliance for SMEs & Individuals.
  9. Real Estate Management.
  10. Asset Management (Victoria University Uganda Short Courses).
  11. Financing Your Business Creatively.
  12. Agent Banking for Agents.
  13. Enterprise Development & Management.
  14. Entreprenurial Development Studies.
  15. Spss-statistical Package For Social Sciences.
  16. Cisco IT Essentials.
  17. CCNA.
  18. Basic Computer Applications.
  19. Certificate in Sustainable Microfinance.
  20. Export Trade Promotion.
  21. Coaching and Mentoring.
  22. Records and information Management in the 21st Century.
  23. Finance for Non-Finance Managers.
  24. Social Media and Public Relations.
  25. Leadership for the 21st Century Executives.
  26. Customer service excellence.
  27. Foundation Mathematics.
  28. Digital Marketing and Social Media.
  29. Understanding the World today.
  30. English Language for University students.
  31. Effective writing and communication.
  32. First Aid.
  33. Presentation and Public Speaking.
  34. Project Monitoring and evaluation.
  35. Public Health nutrition.
  36. Writing for competitive Grant funding.
  37. Comprehensive Management of STI’s and HIV.
  38. Public Health in complex emergencies.
  39. Public Health Surveillance and epidemic management.
  40. Resource mobilization and project proposal writing for healthcare.
  41. Nutrition surveys planning, management, data analysis using ENA software, report writing and dissemination.
  42. Certificate in Oil and Gas Project Management.
  43. Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry.
  44. Certificate in Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Logistics Management.
  45. English Language Course.
  46. Certificate in Health, Safety and Environmental. Management in the Oil and Gas Industry.
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Lastly, we shall keep you posted on the same page about the courses offered at Victoria University in Uganda in 2022.


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