Teen Involved in an Accident Minutes After Stealing Car Keys

Teen Involved in an Accident Minutes After Stealing Car Keys In Kenya.
Bizarre news are not always a distant from our ears on daily or weekly basis. Shockingly, a teenage lad was involved in a tragedy after stealing his parents car keys in Nairobi to go for a ride.

However, the teenage slightly survived following the accident of the Fielder motor vehicle. During the mishap, eyewitnesses further on the ground explained how the driver (teenager) lost control of the auto. As a result, the motor vehicle landed into a drainage culvert by the road side.

Unfortunately, the vehicle overturned despite quick responses by the area residents. The good news is that the teen driver was safely secured from the auto by area residents despite succumbing minor injuries.

Nevertheless, through contact tracing, the parents of the teenager were located and indeed, quickly showed up at the scene of the accident.

Teen Involved in an Accident Minutes After Stealing Parents Car Keys in Kenya

Last but not least, the young lad was rushed to a nearby hospital for medical check up as well as well as treatment. In addition, the police have so far taken action against such misdeed by the teenage young man.

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This is because it’s barely a month since another young man killed innocent citizens in Nanyuki after stealing his parents motorcar keys.

Finally, parents are cautioned by police to be watchful and vigilant with their vehicle keys. Certainly, this is because most children are inactive especially while at home following the closure of schools across the country.


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