Most Visited Websites in Tanzania 2021 Most Popular

In our previous post, we covered the most visited websites in Tunisia. In this article, we shall educate you on the most visited and popular websites in Tanzania for the year 2021. We have to admit that Tanzania is one of the most advancing countries in East Africa over the last 5 years.

Most Visited and Popular Websites in Tanzania in 2021

First, this poll of the top 20 most visited and popular websites in Tanzania 2021 lists the websites with the highest number of page views per day.

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Further, the list contains a variety of websites, for example, Tanzania news sites, social media sites, as well as blogs. Certainly, Google ranked as the most visited and popular website in Tanzania indexing at the 1st and 11th positions. Similarly, BBC news is the most visited and popular news website in Tanzania, followed by mabumbe blog. with the highest views on the internet.

On the other hand, Worldometers website emerged in top 20 following it’s frequent updates on Coronavirus worldwide reports. In summary, we will list the name of the most popular website or site. Then, we will provide the links to each of the most visited websites in Tanzania Today.

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List Of Top 20 Most Visited Websites in Tanzania

1. Firstly, Google is the most visited website in Tanzania currently.
2. – Secondly, YouTube is the 2nd and most popular social media website in Tanzania for over 10 years now.
3. Yahoo. Similarly, Yahoo is the 2nd most popular search engine in Tanzania.
4. Wikipedia.
5. Jamii Forums.
6. Google Blogspot.
7. Facebook.
8. Tamisemi.
9. Netflix.
10. Google Tanzania. Also,
11. 1337x. Technology utilities website.
12. BBC. Bbc is the most visited news website in Tanzania.
14. Worldometers.
15. YTS.
16. Download Website.
17. Stackoverflow.
18. Mabumbe.
19. Ajira – Jobs and careers website in Tanzania. And finally,
20. Tanzania Revenue Authority.

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Lastly, these are top 10 most visited websites in Kenya in 2021.

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