Lesedi Real Estate developers in Thika Juja scam

Lesedi Real Estate developers in Thika Juja scam revealed in 2023.

Following the recent reports, Lesedi Real Estate developers’ realty firms in Thika and Juja are frauds, conmen, and a scam.

It’s not the first incident of such criminality lawsuits in Kiambu County and Nairobi County of Kenya. Several Asians have been conned millions of money by Real Estate brokers along Thika Road over the past 10-20 years.

  1. Certainly, buyers have been left with millions in bank loans to reimburse after buying non-existent plots in Kiambu county and Nakuru.
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First, Mr. Geoffrey Kiragu is undoubtedly the founder of Thika-based Lesedi Developers, a real estate corporation. Lesedi real estate inventors and shareholders have left potential land and homeowners helpless and with questions on the same.

Secondly, the late Mr. Kenneth Lay, Lesedi Real Estate founder, was charged with 6 offenses including fake scheme and forgery. However, he died of a heart attack before being sentenced. Certainly, Mr. Kenneth Lay’s deceitful victory inspired many arising entrepreneurs who wanted to get rich quickly follow his steps.

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Hence, it’s high time to be cautious about what advertisements you see on plots to buy in Kenya. No matter it’s on which media house, newspaper, or posters you see along the streets.

Below is one of the statements by Geoffrey Kiragu after claims of conning clients KSh 1 billion.

“If you are a keen reader, perhaps you know the evolution of Enron Corporation. Its founder Kenneth Lay is one of the people who inspired me to start Lesedi Developers four years back. He may have his flaws but I borrow a lot of business lessons from him.”

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As such, it’s good for any interested land buyer to deal directly with the owner, land register, and surveyor, and do the plots search.


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