Most Expensive Universities in Ghana 2022 Top 10 List

Most expensive universities in Ghana Today 2020 Top 10 List

This is a guide list of the top 10 most expensive private and government public universities in Ghana in 2022 today. First of all, we have the most expensive and cheapest public universities in Ghana available for the study of various courses. However, most of the expensive universities are as well regarded as the best universities in Ghana. This is because most graduates are highly demanded in the job market upon completion of their courses in Ghana.

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In summary, we are shall list the top 10 most expensive public government universities to study in Ghana in 2022. Then, we shall name the most expensive private universities in Ghana in 2022. Have a look at the list beneath.

Most Expensive Universities To Study in Ghana 2022

  1. The Webster University of Ghana. It’s the most expensive university in Ghana in 2022.
  2. Ashesi University College.
  3. Lancaster University.
  4. Kings University College.
  5. Ghana Institute Of Management And Public Administration.
  6. University Of Mines And Technology.
  7. Wisconsin International University College.
  8. Radford University College.
  9. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. And,
  10. Regent University College of Science and Technology.
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Most Expensive Private University In Ghana 2022

  1. Webster University Ghana – Tuition per semester $4900
  2. Ashesi University – Tuition per semester GH¢22,000
  3. Lancaster University Ghana – Tuition 34,000 a year (17,000 per semester)
  4. Kings University College – Tuition per semester GH¢10, 000
  5. Wisconsin University – Tuition per semester GH¢4,000
  6. Radford University – Tuition per semester GH¢3,600
  7. Pentecost University College, Ghana – Tuition per semester GH¢3,500
  8. Valley View University College – Tuition per semester GH¢3,300. And finally,
  9. Regent University – Tuition per semester GH¢3,000
  10. Ghana Technology University College – Tuition per semester GH¢2,500

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