2 of the most trending types of eyeglasses in 2022

2 of the most trending types of eyeglasses in 2023

Trendy/trending glasses for men and women 2022.
2 of the most trending types of eyeglasses in 2022.
Eyewear trends 2022/2023.

The percentage of people who wear glasses in Africa is 57% and is significantly larger than the percentage of people who wear contacts by 12%. This is because of the comfort and safety of wearing eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are great. Today, we shall cover 2 of the most popular and trending types of eyeglasses for men and women from 2022 to 2023.

Trendy eyeglasses provide a fashionable appearance, shield your eyes from the sun’s and other harmful rays, and improve your vision. You can see everything around you in high definition and much clearer.

You will not have any problem reading signs or recognizing people from afar. When wearing glasses, it seems as though you don’t need to rub your eyes or squint as much due to the sun’s glare.

You will automatically feel more confident about yourself when wearing glasses because it gives you an instant style boost. You will always seem stylish no matter what kind of frame you decide on for yourself.

Trendy eyeglasses can be quite expensive, especially if you have to buy them every time your prescription changes, so it is best to know how to choose the right pair for yourself, depending on your lifestyle. So, selecting a pair of glasses that suits you better and doesn’t make you want to change is wise.

What is the most popular style of eyeglasses?

Different styles suit different personalities, so if you want something more casual, go for a simple but elegant design. If you want something bolder, then choose something with colorful frames such as red or blue. Optics in Nairobi have these below-mentioned two most preferred styles that suit almost everyone and every outfit.

2 of the most trending types of eyeglasses in 2022

Bold frames:

The prominent frame of the big, bulky spectacles gives you a bold, young appearance. These glasses provide you with the ideal look if worn with assurance.

With these glasses, you can be noticed by everyone in the room. These are not only stylish but also durable and comfortable. It includes a metal frame composed of lightweight materials, making it comfortable to wear for extended periods.

These eyeglasses come with a case that makes it easy to carry them around without any worries of damage or breakage when not in use. The case also protects your glasses from dust accumulation while not being used, which helps prolong their lifetime.

Cat eye frames:

One of the popular styles of eyewear online in 2016 was the cat-eye style. Only women should wear these since, as the name implies, they have a shape similar to a cat’s eye. The wearer of these glasses has a highly stylish and bold appearance.

The cateye frame is designed with features that make them stand out among other glasses in this category. The cateye glasses that the best opticians in Nairobi have come up with fancy frames made of metal, which makes them look more stylish than other frames made from plastic or wood. The metal frame also makes these glasses long-lasting and durable, so you do not have to worry about them breaking easily or losing their shine over time.


Eyeglasses are a great investment. But selecting the right frames in an eyeglasses store online for your face shape and taste is vital to determine what look will suit you best. Don’t just settle for something that’s the first that comes along; think about how the glasses will look on you and if they fit your lifestyle and budget.


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