Coronavirus In Kenya Today News Updates Now

Coronavirus disease has caused global panic in almost all countries in the world. Today, we shall cover the latest news updates on the Coronavirus in Kenya today and now. First of all, WHO has warned Africa that it should prepare for the worst on the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak. This follows the recent reports on Coronavirus cases of infection in several African countries that keep on rising.

For example, developed countries like South Africa has so far recorded over 250 cases of Coronavirus infections. In today’s news, Coronavirus disease infection in Kenya had reached 15 in number. However, cases could rise up to 400 as the government is looking for about 363 individuals who interacted with the infected individuals. On the off chance that they are not found in time and were positive, the numbers could add up to 3,000 new cases in a week’s time.

Certainly, we strongly urge all individuals who have the signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus, to seek medical care immediately. Similarly, you should quarantine yourself from other people as advised by the government. As such, you shall have fulfilled good health practice or exercise. Furthermore, once you report your health problem, you shall be treated as soon as possible and recover.

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In summary, below are the latest Coronavirus reports in Kenya today or now. Most importantly, these are the government directives as announced by the Health CS Mutahi Kagwe on the 22nd of March, 2020.

Coronavirus In Kenya Today News Updates

1. The number of people infected by Coronavirus in Kenya now hits 15.

2. Public transport Vehicles that disobey recent passenger capacities ruling to lose licenses. Also,

3. The government has banned all church congregations, public gatherings like weddings, Chama groups, discos, and pub attendances.

4. Restaurants and hotels to remain open but only for takeaways.

5. Msambweni patient airlifted to Nairobi City for treatment.


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