Top 10 News Channels in India 2021 Best TRP

In the Asian continent, India ratings stand top with the largest number of fans who like watching the best TV news channels. In our previous article, we covered the top news anchors in India. Today, we shall list the top 10 best Hindi and English news channels in India by trp from 2020 to 2021.

First, this poll of the top 10 news channels in India 2021 lists the best channels in English, Hindi, and barc ratings. The No. 1 Hindi news channel in India in 2021 is the AAJ Tak news channel. Republic Bharat is the best English news channel in India with the highest TRP in 2021 today.

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In summary, we will list the names of the top 10 best and most watched news channels. Then, we will provide links to each of the top news channels in India today.

Top 10 News Channels in India by trp 2021

  1. Zee News. Zee news is the No. 1 news channel in India in 2021.
  2. AAJ Tak. AAJ Tak is the top news channel in India by trp 2021 that delivers news in Hindi today.
  3. India TV.
  4. News18 India.
  5. DD News.
  6. Republic TV.
  7. Times Now.
  8. NDTV India.
  9. CNN News18.
  10. ABP News. And finally,
  11. BBC Worldwide India Pvt Ltd (BBC World News).
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Lastly, here is a list of the latest top 10 richest celebrities in India in 2021.

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