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Top ecommerce Sites in The Netherlands 2020 Websites

Top e-commerce websites in the Netherlands 2020 sites

Online shopping websites in the Netherlands

Today, we shall list the top 10 best ecommerce sites or online shopping websites in the Netherlands in 2020. First of all, Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in Europe. Probably, this is because of its e-commerce capability within the nation.

Certainly, most of the dutch prefer to purchase goods and services from top online retailers and chain stores. As a result, the best online shopping websites in the Netherlands in 2020 have prospered and become popular in Europe.

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Again, we have to say that the Dutch language is uncommon in the European continent. As a result, most e-commerce traders excluded the Netherlands market. This gave room for top online retailers in the Netherlands to dominate the Dutch eCommerce.

Top eCommerce Online Shopping Sites & Websites in The Netherlands 2020

We have several best Online shopping websites in the Netherlands today. For example, H&M,, BVA Auctions,, C&A,, Media Markt, and many more.

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In summary, we will list the top 10 best eCommerce or online shopping sites & websites in the Netherlands in 2020. Then, we will state their average annual earnings.

Top eCommerce Sites In The Netherlands 2020

RankRetailerAnnual Income€1.65 billion
2Coolblue€1.2 billion
3Albert Heijn€571 million
4Zalando€560 million
5wehkamp€540 million
6Amazon€365 million
7The Learning Network€280 million
8Jumbo€270 million
9MediaMarkt€230 million
10H&M€220 million
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