Esom School of Music Kampala Short Courses Fees

Esom School Of Music Kampala Short Courses Uganda

Today, we shall educate you on the best short courses offered at Esom School of Music and fees structure in Kampala Uganda in 2021. Before we go further, we hope that you read about the Kampala music school courses fee structure.

First of all, it’s good to note that the short courses at Esom last for 1 to 2 months. Most importantly, the short courses are conducted twice or thrice a week. Also, students are trained in various practical lessons,
Certainly, most of the short courses are formulated in a well-structured manner to suit learner’s desires. For example, individuals or learners who

  • want to study music to acquire basic music skills,
  • are enthusiastic to become music,
  • want to become singers or in short, vocalists for events and so on.

In summary, we will list the best short courses offered at Esom School of Music in Kampala, Uganda. Have a look at the latest list from our findings in 2021 today.

Esom School of Music Short Courses & Fees, Kampala

  1. Piano.
  2. Music Production.
  3. Vocal or Voice Training.
  4. Guitar lessons.
  5. Video production training.
  6. Deejaying lessons or training. And finally,
  7. Sound Engineering courses.

Esom School of Music Fees

Mixing (4 weeks) UGX 264.000.
Mastering (4 weeks) UGX 264,000.
Mixing and Mastering (8 weeks) UGX 528,000.
Video Production (6 Weeks) UGX 792,000.
Audio Production (6 Weeks) UGX 792,000.
Sound Engineering (6 Weeks) UGX 792,000.

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Instruments (Guitar, Piano, Vocal, Bass, Solo, Violin, Saxophone)
30(min) – UGX 312,000
45(min) – UGX 420,000
60(min) – UGX 492,000

Most noteworthy, the fees are paid in advance either in full or under 2 instalments before competition of the training.

Esom School Of Music Address

Call or Whatsapp (0700132588 OR 0781227712)²


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