Employees are an asset in an organization and not a cost

The employee is an important asset in an organization and not a cost.
According to Professor Erastus Njoka, it’s indeed true that employees are an asset in an organization and not a cost. This is because employees are the most valuable assets for an organization in terms of abilities, knowledge, and experience.

Secondly, employees are an asset to a company since they are the workforce that’s essential to provide goods or services that the company offers.

So, here is very informative advice for you by Professor Erastus N. Njoka for every employer and employee in Kenya and across the world.

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Today as the entire world marks the International labor day, we all need to reflect on the role of employees in any organization be it private or public. Employees are the engines that drive various sectors and the success or failure of an organization depends on the way decision-makers handle them.

Employees are an important asset in an organization and not a cost in Kenya PDF

At the county level, the implementation of the following will boost the effective and efficient workforce.

  1. Creation of a working environment devoid of fear, threats, and intimidation.
  2. Fairness in recruitment, training promotion, and dismissal of employees.
  3. Equal opportunities for all TNC people irrespective of where they come from, their religion, gender, or political inclination.
  4. Eradication of nepotism and favoritism in public service.
  5. Affirmative action for various disadvantaged groups including persons living with disabilities.
  6. Formation of a strong trade union to give employees collective bargaining power
  7. Formation of SACCOS which will enable employees to access credit at a reasonable cost.
  8. Streamlining of retirement programs so that employees can continue to live a decent life after leaving office.
  9. Creation of internship opportunities for young people which will form the foundation of their future careers.
  10. Continuous capacity building by way of workshops, seminars, and short-term courses.
  11. Rationalisation so that employees can be placed according to their competencies.
  12. Proper supervision to ensure that TNC residents get premium services.
  13. Establishment of an Alternative dispute resolution mechanism to deal with employee issues instead of rushing to court every time there’s a dispute which is expensive and time-consuming. And finally,
  14. Creation of sound employee counseling programs to remedy maladjusted behavior s.
    My people, this is my vision which is also my mission.
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According to the report by Professor Erastus Njoka, it’s true that employees are an important asset in an organization in Kenya and the world today.


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