List Of Pharmacy Schools in Uganda 2022 Top & Best

Most individuals have been asking us which are at the Top of the List of best pharmacy schools in Uganda 2022. We couldn’t hesitate on the query but respond in the best professional way through this simplified writing. And for that reason, we are ready to simply answer the questions about the best places to study Pharmacy in Uganda. On the other hand, Uganda is academically recognized as having the best universities that are reputable globally.

First of all, Medical courses have become most marketable in Uganda and in general, globally. In fact, it’s one of the most marketable courses in Africa in 2022. This is because they are high paying, as well as there is a considerable guarantee of employment. Probably, this would be one of the main reasons why most individuals pursue the course.

Again, the reason why it’s in high demand in the job market in Uganda and most African countries. However, these courses are mostly available in the most expensive university or universities in Uganda. In one of our previous posts, we answered the query in a comprehensive approach. By the end of this article, you will be conversant on the list of top & best pharmacy schools in Uganda in 2022.

In Uganda, all the Pharmacy and medical teaching institutions are under the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda. The council is mandated to supervise and regulate the arrangement, training, and transfer of learners. Furthermore, to make provision for the registration of enthusiastic students. Likewise, to specify the class of persons who shall have the right to train as pharmacy students or learners. This is by the stipulated law by the government under (section 21; PDA, 1970).

Pharmacist Salary in Uganda 2022

A professional Pharmacist’s salary in Uganda in 2022 is about Ugh 10 million per month for those employed by the government. Indeed, this is a good payout especially in a developing country like Uganda. However, the cost of studying medicine in Uganda today is high in such a way that most individuals cannot afford it. As a result, most individuals prefer to pursue a diploma in Pharmacy at Mulago paramedics or paramedical school in Kampala. Consultations about these programs are easily accessible at the Mengo School of Clinical Officers. Also, the certificate in pharmacy course at Gulu University in Uganda 2022 is somehow inexpensive.

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Pharmacy Schools in Uganda 2022

As a result, the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda supervises and monitors several universities offering the course. Certainly, only three universities are mandated to offer graduate and postgraduate pharmacy training in Uganda. In summary, we shall provide a list of the best & top pharmacy schools in Uganda in 2022 that offer degrees, diplomas, and certificates.

List Of Pharmacy Schools in Uganda 2022 (Degree, Diploma, Certificate)

  • Kampala International University (KIU) – The Pharmacy School at Kampala International University. It the best school in Uganda for a degree, diploma and certificate in Pharmacy.
  • Mbarara University of Science and Technology (MUST), The Department of Pharmacy. And finally,
  • Clarke International University.
  • Kampala School of Health Sciences.
  • Uganda Institute of health & Management. And,

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