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Ugwire is one of the world’s fastest-growing media platforms right now. With only 5 years in the global scope, millions of internet users have solely relied on our content. This is because of our proficiency, accuracy, and up-to-date information that’s simplified in an easy-to-read and understandable format. So, how can you advertise with us?

First, with over 4 million page views every month, Ugwire Media Networks keeps prospering. With such an extraordinary global audience, we believe that our platform is the most promising for advertisers and readers right now.

Secondly, Ugwire offers the best publicity solution for fulfilling your online marketing objectives targeted at a digital audience than before.

Ugwire Media Networks can boost the shape of your business, help outplay your competitors, and generate more leads for your business. We can incorporate tactics to maximize your influence and return on investment on the Ugwire platform.

See what you can do to grow your business!

We serve display, video, branded content, and social media campaigns using demographic, geographic, and interest-based segmentation to join the conversations of Millennials.

How To Advertise With Us On Ugwire

Ugwire offers online advertising buyers the best advertisement formats for reaching a massive, well-segmented audience. As mentioned above, our AI (Artificial Intelligence) Data-Based info is a guarantee for the best results to fulfill your online marketing campaigns and goals.

You can advertise with us in various forms, from Banners, guest posts, sponsored posts, link insertion, and many other ad patterns.

Banner Ads (Advertise with us)

We have 4 banner ad slots of the standard sizes for Ads on the website. These include;

– Top Leaderboard (728 x 90) or (970 x 90 px)
– Sidebar (300 x 600 px)
–  After content (300 x 250) or (336 x 280 px)
– Bottom Leaderboard (728 x 90) or (970 x 90 px)

Prices start at $400 per month. However, payments can be made in installments of 70% down payment, and 30% (1 week) before the completion of the advertising period. For a full quote on the same, email We also accept long-term banner ads on our website that are discounted for serious clients. If interested, kindly send your request to the contacts above.

Guest posts Advertise With Us

  • Guest post with 1 do-follow link (permanent) – $70
  • Guest post with 3 do-follow links (permanent) $200
  • Marked “Sponsored” posts with 1 do-follow link – $50
  • Link insertion in a specified article (top trending posts with over 40,000 page views or visitors every month) [permanent] – from $170.


  1. For guest posts, your content should be unique, and optimized for SEO.
  2. We do not allow CBD, Casino, gambling, or adult content. This is because they go against our community standards. Remember to read our site’s title and meta description before sending in your requests. Here are the simplified details of website.

In summary, contact us and learn how to quickly magnify your job or business company in 2024 before we hike our rates for promotion.