How Does the RIP City Game Work?

How Does the RIP City Game Work? 
Slots are not the most popular online casino game for nothing. With their simple rules, high volatility, and potentially huge returns, they’re favored by gambling enthusiasts all over the globe. This demand has been serviced by an incredible surge in technology supply, with thousands of online slot games now available to play.

One of the most exciting new releases in this respect is the RIP City game from Hacksaw Gaming. While the name of the slot might cause you to think it has a connection with the Portland Trailblazers or else feature a zombie theme, it’s modeled on one of the oldest rivalries of all time: that between a cat and a mouse.

So, how does the RIP City game work? Let’s take a closer look at the game, its graphics, and its rules below.

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As mentioned above, the theme behind RIP City is based on a Tom-and-Jerry style concept… except the animation has been altered to appeal more to an adult audience. Although the figures themselves are reminiscent of the seminal Hanna-Barbera style, both feature bloodthirsty faces and raggedy bodies with signs of injury. Ro$$ (the cat) has his fists bunched, while Maxx (the mouse) appears to be chain-smoking cigarettes.

The color scheme is also quirky and modern; it’s composed mostly of blacks, grays, and white, with splashes of neon yellow, pink, and green lightening things up. Next, we will have a look at the rules of the RIP City Game and how it does work or it works.

The rules

In terms of how the game works, RIP City functions on a standard slot reel basis, with a 5×5 grid featuring the normal 10s, Js, Qs, Ks, and As. Additionally, there are more personalized icons, such as bananas, smiley faces with crosses for eyes, and skulls with candles on their heads. The wild icon is portrayed by Ro$$, whose mouth drops open to serve all lines below the one on which he appears in subsequent reels. Players can wage in denominations from €2 up to €2,000, depending on how lucky they feel.

Bonus buys and rounds

Gameplay is also enhanced by the optional purchase of bonus buys. A player can choose to wage 3x, 20x, 50x, 110x, or 2,000x the original stake to make it more likely to result in a win. This can happen by guaranteeing the appearance of two or three wild cat symbols, as well as increasing the chance of entering a Ro$$ or Maxx bonus round. In these, free spins are awarded and the player has a better chance of multiplying their wins through wild cat symbols. Both games are similar but with slight tweaks to their rules, which are best experienced by…

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Trying it yourself!

In terms of the bare facts and figures, RIP City has a return-to-player (RTP) with a percentage of 96.22%, a hit ratio of 18.22%, and medium volatility. However, these stats mean little in comparison to playing and enjoying the game yourself.

Thankfully, you can do exactly that by heading over to Bitcasino, where the site allows you to sample the RIP CITY in demo mode. Since you’re starting with a demo balance of €5,000, you have plenty of leeways to try out all of the game’s functions and features to see if you enjoy it.
Will Ro$$ triumph over Maxx? Or will the mouse come out on top? And most importantly, will you beat the odds? There’s only one way to find out.


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