Truecaller Net Worth and Revenue 2021 Valuation

Truecaller Revenue 2019 2020

Truecaller Net Worth and Revenue 2021 Valuation

In this article, we are going to mention the 4 primary Truecaller Revenue success tips for 2021. Firstly, Truecaller is an internet service firm that is located in Sweden. Rather, Tuecaller is free to download the open-source online application, that anyone can use.

Certainly, most individuals have been querying about how truecaller makes money or survives in the competitive ICT Industry. First of all, truecaller used iorted contacts from nations. However, this turned out to be so unreliable. As a result, they opted to use a methodology that users are prompted to input their own details. Hence, this was a great boost to the firm since it’s free to download from Google play store.

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Within a lapse of one year, truecaller had over 250 million individuals who had registered themselves. By the year 2015, truecaller was among the top 5 most successful Mobile Companies in the World. In addition, by the end of 2016, truecaller mobile company recorded an income of over USD 5.9million.

Below are 4 ways on how truecaller makes millions of money revenue each and every year.

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How Truecaller Makes Money & Revenue 2021

  1. Advertisements. Truecaller makes money through advertising products on the application. For example, when you launch the application, some ads are visible on the footer or header of the app interface.
  2. Contacts access. Again, truecaller charges for access to people’s contacts. Most importantly, the firm has the largest directory of contacts than any firm worldwide as on now. Thus, Truecaller charges a tremendous sum of cash in order to share such contacts. In reality, this is their main source of income. For example, if any government wants to share information to its citizens in bulk via SMS, truecaller are always contacted.
  3. I-phone and Blackberry mobile phone users are charged for installing the truecaller application.
  4. Despite truecaller is free to download and use the application, truecaller charges for the premium services.
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