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Top 20 Most Visited Websites in The Netherlands 2020 Popular

Top 20 Most Visited Websites in The Netherlands 2020 Most Popular. In our previous post, we covered the most visited websites in Canada. In this article, we shall educate you on the most popular and visited websites or rather, top sites in The Netherlands in 2020. It’s with no doubt that The Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in Europe. Furthermore, the Netherlands is among the top 20 richest countries in Europe today.

Top 20 Most Visited Websites in The Netherlands 2020 Most Popular

First, this poll of the top 20 most visited and popular websites in The Netherlands lists the sites with the highest number of visits. Similarly, we hope that you are now familiar with the best online shopping websites in the Netherlands.

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Further, the list contains a variety of websites, for example, the Netherlands news websites, social media websites, and e-commerce websites. First, ranked as the best eCommerce website in the Netherlands for the year 2020.

Certainly, most of the citizens visited OLX shopping website to research on products on sale. However, recorded satisfactory sales and income than olx portal. On the other hand, YouTube was the most visited social media website in the Netherlands in the year 2020, followed by at number 3.

Most Popular Websites in Netherlands

On the other hand, 3 dating website appeared in the list. However, we excluded from the list since our website is an educative portal that’s meant to build an ethical society.

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In summary, we will list the names of the top 10 to top 20 most visited websites in the Netherlands. Then, we will provide the links to each of the most popular websites in the Netherlands today.

Below is a list of the latest rankings of the top 20 most visited and popular websites or sites in the Netherlands in 2020.

Most Popular and Visited Websites/ Sites in The Netherlands 2020 LIST:

  1. Google, most popular search engine in Europe 2020
  2. YouTube, Most visited Social Media Website in the Netherlands
  3. VK, 2nd most visited Social Media Website in the Netherlands
  4. Reddit
  5. Wikipedia
  6. Google, Netherlands portal
  7. Odnoklassniki, Social Media Website platform in the Netherlands for classmates and old friends.
  8. Facebook, World best Social Media Website
  9. Live
  10. Yandex
  11. Twitch TV, Most visited Entertainment website in the Netherlands
  12. Microsoft Online
  13. Netflix, Top Entertainment website in the world in 2020
  14. Yahoo
  15. Vk Magazine, news blog in the Netherlands
  16. NU, Top news website in the Netherlands
  17. Olx, Best Online shopping website in the Netherlands
  18. Rutracker, Download website
  19. Google portal. And finally,
  20. Marktplaats, Online e-commerce website in the Netherlands.

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