Non-life Insurance Companies in Uganda 2019-2020

Non-life Insurance Companies in Uganda 2020

Welcome to our most reliable and informative portal as we discuss on the Non-life Insurance Companies in Uganda 2019-2020. In one of our previous, we listed the reputable and best insurance companies in Uganda. However, in this article, we shall list the top 10 best non-life insurance companies in Uganda 2019 2020. But before we go further, let us all understand what non-life means when it comes to insurance topics.

Non-Life Insurance is a policy that provides repayment or refund for costs, damages that incur from a particular financial incident or happening. In other words, it is also referred to as general, property and casualty insurance policy type. To be more precise with what non-life insurance refers to, here are some few examples.

  • automobile policies,
  • home-owners policies,
  • damage cover from fire,
  • marine accidents,
  • travel,
  • theft, etc.

However, it’s indeed extremely hard to measure the quantity of these kinds of mishaps. As a result, most of the insurance firms strive to deliver solutions for such threats. Certainly, this enables them to insure a suitably assessed risk quantum that could have an effect on your investment.

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In short, below is the latest list of the top 10 best Non-life Insurance Companies in Uganda 2019-2020. Have a look beneath;

Best Non-life Insurance Companies in Uganda 2019-2020

  • AIG Uganda Limited.
  • Basani insurance limited.
  • Alliance Africa General Insurance Limited.
  • Britam Insurance Uganda Limited.
  • CIC General Insurance Uganda Limited.
  • East African Underwriters Limited.
  • GoldStar Life Assurance Company Limited.
  • NIC General Insurance Company Limited.
  • Statewide Insurance Company Limited.
  • The Jubilee Insurance Company of Uganda.
  • TransAfrica Assurance Limited.
  • UAP Insurance Uganda Limited.
  • ICEA General Insurance Company Limited.
  • Salnam General Insurance Limited, Uganda.
  • First Insurance Company Limited.
  • Liberty General Insurance Company Limited.
  • Excel Insurance Company Limited.
  • APA Insurance Limited, Uganda.
  • MUA Uganda.
  • MayFair Insurance.
  • Nova Insurance Company Limited.
  • Rio Insurance Company.
  • Pax Insurance Company.
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