Most Influential Women 2020 World Top 20 LIST

Most Influential Women in The World 2020

The most up to date List of The Top 20 Influential Women in the world for 2020. Firstly, there are several influential women in the world for 2020 who are ranked in the top List. Above all, most of them are celebrities, businesswomen, activists, as well as politicians. Certainly, majority of the women strive for higher positions in society since their presence and power is rather lowly ranked. Hence, this is the reason why at times women demonstrate and plea for gender equality across the World.

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As a result, young female politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are being voted into powerful positions of power. This is because it becomes advantageous for women to have the opportunity to express their demands and challenges in the society.

However, there are a number of women leaders who are women making headlines globally. Some of them are fashion designers, models, activists and so on. Above all, most of the journalists write on sensitive topics like gender violence in Hollywood and other poarts of the World, that help them gain more momentum. Certainly, this has enabled women to get worldwide recognition which is as well backed up by female celebrities.

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In summary, below is a list of the Top 20 most influential Women of 2020 in the world.

Most Influential Women 2020 World Top 20 LIST

  1. Michelle Obama – Writer and lawyer.
  2. Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Judge.
  3. Queen Elizabeth II.
  4. Ellen DeGeneres – TV Presenter.
  5. Emma Watson – Model, Actor.
  6. Angela Merkel – Politician, Physicist.
  7. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – Politician, Activist.
  8. Oprah Winfrey – Businessperson, Journalist.
  9. Lady Gaga – Fashion Designer, Record Producer.
  10. Theresa May – Politician.
  11. Melinda Gates – Businessperson.
  12. Nancy Pelosi – Politician.
  13. Sonia Sotomayor – Judge, Editor.
  14. Marie Kondo – Author.
  15. Kalama Harris – Politician, Lawyer.
  16. Rihanna – Fashion Designer, Singer.
  17. Beyonce – Record producer, Businessperson.
  18. Jacinda Ardern – Politician.
  19. Emma Gonzalez – Activist. And finally,
  20. Ivanka Trump – Fashion Model, Businessperson.
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