KMTC Short Courses 2020 2021 and Fees Structure

In this article, we shall inform you of all the fees structure and short courses offered in KMTC 2020 2021. But before we go any further, let us quickly get acquainted with the KMTC learning institution.

Kenya Medical Training College, better known as KMTC, is the best medical school in Kenya of all time. Despite the likes of UoN, the students from the University of Nairobi do train with KMTC students at Kenyatta National Hospital.

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Again, the college has several satellite campuses across the country situated near to provincial or district hospitals with over 35,000 students. Hence, it becomes easier for the students to get attachments in the hospitals that enable them to gain enough experience. Indeed, the college contributes a lot to the health sector workforce in Kenya.

Most noteworthy, the college is equipped with highly trained and skilled instructors and managerial team. In addition, KMTC offers numerous courses that range from a higher diploma, diploma, certificates, as well as short courses. Below is a recap of the short courses offered at the KMTC 2020 2021 academic year. Have a look beneath;

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KMTC Short Courses 2020 2021 and Fees Structure


NB: The Short courses are offered to individuals, corporate as well as tailor-made for unions.

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