Best Paying Engineering Courses in Kenya Today 2020 Top

Best Paying Marketable Engineering Courses in Kenya Today

Top paying Engineering Courses in Kenya.

Best Paying Engineering Courses in Kenya Today 2020 Top Marketable. In our previous article, we discussed the most marketable and best paying engineering jobs in Uganda. Today, we shall list the top 10 most marketable and best paying engineering courses in Kenya in 2020 today.

First of all, we have to admit that engineering is one of the highly demanded courses in Kenya today. It’s with no doubt that we have numerous universities in Kenya offering the top paying engineering courses. Certainly, most of the successful engineering graduates end up being employed by big firms and manufacturing companies in the Kenya. For example, KenGen, Unilever, Kenya Power and Lighting Company, and many more.

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Which Is The Best Paying Engineering Course in Kenya Today?

We have several top engineering courses in Kenya that are best paying today. According to our research, Urban Design Architecture program ranked the best engineering course in Kenya in 2020. This is due to the fact that it’s also the most marketable and top paying Engineering profession in Kenya.

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Electrical Engineering is the 2nd most marketable engineering course in Kenya. Similarly, experienced graduate students stand a high chance of employment by the best-paying government or NGOs. Similarly, electrical engineers can land contracts to install electrical gadgets in new storey buildings, schools, rental houses and so on.

Automotive engineering is also the best paying engineering profession job in Kenya today. This is because it’s highly practical technical course with hands on expertise. Some of the institutions that offer best automotive course include Eldoret Polytechnic and Railways Technical Institute in Nairobi.

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In summary, below are the best paying and marketable engineering courses in Kenya today.

Top Best Paying and Marketable Engineering Courses in Kenya Today 2020;

Urban Design Architecture. Top paying Engineering course in Kenya.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering.

Biomedical Engineering.

Electronics and Computer Engineering. Ranks 1st in the best paid engineering courses in Kenya.

Mechanical Engineering.

Chemical Engineering.

Financial Engineering.

Automotive Engineering. Best paying engineering jobs in Kenya. And finally,

Petroleum Engineering.

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