Top 10 Best Freelance Websites 2020 for Writers Job

Best Freelance Websites 2020

In this article, we are going to list all the top 10 best freelance writers job websites for 2020. First of all, there are various ways you can make a living online even if you are not a computer engineer or an architect. Of course, that is definitely through writing articles, blogging, academic writing and many more.

For any internet user, reading through a well-structured article is really awesome indeed. Most of the websites globally are enriched with best freelance writers who work for the sites. In contrast, the top 10 best freelance websites do not require an individual to have a Bachelor’s degree or a Masters’s qualification. Rather, most of them do consider individuals writing skills that are impeccable and up to standards. 

In summary, below is a list of the top 10 best freelance websites 2020 for writing jobs.

Top 10 Best Freelance Websites 2020 for Writers Job

Skyword is a company that does connect writers with top companies that require their assistance. Most of these companies are international that have loads of assignments for writers. Upon completion of an assignment, payments are executed instantly.

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Contently is a writers platform that allows them to register and create a portal on the website. However, the brand is so selective especially in selection of writers on the already pending tasks. The good thing about contently is that once approved, you can earn up to $7 per page.  

On the other hand, eByline is a portal that works well for those freelance writers that are good in Journalism. To get listed, you need to create your profile and submit broadcasted clips from nationally recognized media outlets. Consequently, If your request is victorious, you can accordingly connect for tasks from various companies. 

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Also, Bloggingpro is another awesome website portal for freelance writers that is broad and vast on many categories. Furthermore, the brand is not strict on an individual’s education level to qualify.

Again, Ndash is another best freelance website that basically connects writers with clients. Here, you can choose over a variety of brands that would require the type of content you can write. As well, you may submit your articles to the companies for them to have a preview of your content.

Other Reputable Freelance sites for Writers

Again, just like eByline, journalismjobs specifically work favorably with journalists who are experts in writing. Journalists can easily engage with publishers and easily earn huge money for both online and offline content.

Mediabistro is a website that advertises freelance jobs for writing, editing as well as journalism.

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8. is a powerful and most reliable freelance website globally. This is because it computes and compile all the freelance jobs on the internet and publishes on their site.

Zerys is another freelance portal for authors. After creating your profile, you should submit a sample article. On the off chance that you get approved, you are ready to commence assignments and earning your dues. Most noteworthy, the portal has a hierarchy depending on your expertise. The more levels you grow, the better lucrative jobs and payments you start receiving.

Finally, Newscred is another high paying freelance website for writers globally. However, it requires competent writers as well as journalists and columnists. Certainly, individuals who have experience in writing International or national news for media companies have an added advantage.

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